Request for Proposals (RFPs)

The selection of an association management company can have a long lasting impact on your organization. A comprehensive proposal will enable you to make an informed and reliable decision about the future management and support for your organization. 

Typically, a proposal should include the following:

  • Company history and basic information on the firm.
  • Description of offices and equipment.
  • Outline of services and the methodology for providing those services.
  • Information on management and staff.
  • List of current and past clients.
  • Client references
  • Proposed Management Fees and management fee structure
  • Transition Plan

The AMC may also:

  • Propose value added services and detail some of the additional opportunities they may be able to bring to your organization.
  • Make recommendations on ways they can help your organization achieve its goals.
  • Make suggestions on projects and new initiatives such as membership development and special events.
  • Suggest and explore other alternatives for covering part of their management costs and costs incurred from new projects and initiatives.

What information does McPherson Management Ltd. need from your organization? 

In order for us to assess your organization and provide you with a detailed proposal, we will need to learn a little more about the purpose of your organization and the reason for its existence. All information provided to McPherson Management Ltd. for the proposal will be kept strictly confidential and returned to you upon finishing the proposal. Our proposal should also be treated as confidential, and only shared among the organization's committee and/or board mandated with the selection process and decision.

The following information will help us assess your organization. Please note, some of these questions may be answered through the organization’s website.  Please indicate where applicable.

General Information

  • Name of organization
  • Primary contact of organization
  • Industry or profession served
  • Geographic scope of organization (international, national, provincial / state, regional, local)
  • Chapters and affiliates (Is your organization a national group with chapters, or a chapter of a national group?)

Understanding the Requirements

  • Is your organization seeking administrative / secretariat support, executive leadership, or both?
  • What are the current concerns and problems of the organization?
  • What services is your organization looking for?
  • Are there services or programs that are not currently provided by the organization that the organization would like to provide?
  • Is there a special need or service the organization provides or would like to provide?
  • Has the organization gone through a strategic planning session in recent years? If so when? Can a copy of the strategic plan be provided?
  • What are the immediate and future plans for the organization?

Board of Directors Meetings

  • How many directors are on the Board?
  • How many board meetings are held each year?
  • Where are board meetings typically held?
  • How long are board meetings?
  • Is there an executive committee?  If so, please answer the above 4 questions for the executive committee.
  • Are there any other committees that will require staff services?  If so, please provide as much information as possible on these committees and what services will be required.
  • Please provide a copy of the organization's bylaws and any written policy and procedures.

Financial Management

  • Are financial services needed?
  • Please provide a copy of the most recent year-end operating statement, balance sheet, and budget.
  • Please provide the most current operating statement, balance sheet, and budget.
  • What financial institution does the organization deal with?
  • When is the fiscal year end?
  • What existing leases and contracts does the organization have?

Newsletters and Publications

  • List all of the organizations publications such as newsletters, magazines, journals, and directories.
  • What is the frequency, circulation, size, and advertising requirements for each of the organization’s publications?
  • If possible, please provide examples of most recent issues of all publications.

Communications and Technology

  • How does the organization typically communicate with its members?
  • Does the organization have regular bulletins, emails or mailings?  If so, please describe, list the quantity, and number of times per year they are distributed.

Membership and Database Management

  • How many members does the organization have?
  • What are the membership types?
  • Please describe the dues structure or provide us with a membership application form.
  • When is membership renewed?
  • Does the organization keep a membership database?  If so, what format is the database in?
  • How many records are there in the membership database?
  • Are prospective members entered into the membership database or kept in a separate list or database?
  • What are the benefits of being a member to the organization?

Events, Meetings, Seminars, Conferences and Tradeshows

  • Please list all meetings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, and events the organization holds throughout the year. 
  • When are the events held?
  • Where are events held?
  • How often is each event held?
  • How many people typically attend each event?
  • What fees are charged for each event?
  • Please provide examples of past event announcements, programs, agendas, etc…

Web Design, Maintenance and Management

  • Does the organization have a website?  If so, what is the website address?
  • Who maintains the website?
  • How is the website maintained?  What software is used to maintain the website?
  • How often is the website updated?
  • What is the organization's website used for?
  • How would you rate the organization’s website?  What would make the website more valuable to the organization’s members?


Please list in as much detail as possible, the organization’s requirements for support with Government/Public Relations, Accreditation and Certification Programs, and Consulting/ Strategic Planning.

If the organization is looking for executive leadership, please provide a detailed list of job duties, expectations, skills, and requirements for the position.

Further discussions between your organization and McPherson Management Ltd. may be necessary to explore opportunities, narrow the services and develop a fee structure that fits within your operating budget.

Transition Considerations

McPherson Management Ltd. understand the importance and the concerns associations have when the time comes to make the transition from their current situation and location to an AMC. You want to ensure the transition is carried out smoothly with little to no impact and/or disruption to the services the association provides to its members.

The transition period can be a harrowing time for the association if it is not well planned and executed. That’s why an AMC should have its own proven transition plan to ensure the transition is done efficiently and in as little time as possible. With each new client, McPherson Management Ltd. will undertake an internal strategic session with our staff to reaffirm or establish direction. That way, when it comes time to make the transition, our staff are well prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities that our firm has been contracted to handle.

Below is a brief outline of a sample Transition Plan. The plan may be modified according to the services and direction of the new client:

  • Meet with Executive of the association to review contract and establish areas of responsibility.
  • Arrange for transfer of records and systems.
  • Set up telephone lines, fax lines, emails, and other communication forms as appropriate.
  • Review records and systems. These may include financial records, client software, inventory of supplies and property, insurance coverage, databases etc…
  • Meet with Executive and Board by telephone or in person as appropriate for introductions and expectations.
  • Review bylaws and association policies and procedures.
  • Discuss current procedures and determine what should be changed or maintained.
  • Discuss projects in progress.
  • Review stationary, logo, and membership information.
  • Review credit cards used by Board or Committee Chairs.
  • Distribute Executive, Board and Committee lists to staff.
  • Review association website.
  • Become familiar with new member kit and what needs to be reprinted in each.
  • Become familiar with association publications and products.
  • Prepare a membership frequently asked question list for staff.
  • Prepare necessary press releases as necessary for members.
  • Review current database, determine whether it meets the needs of the association and develop a new database if appropriate.
  • Prepare an association procedure list for reference by staff.
  • Prepare a master calendar of meetings and events and distribute.
  • Do a presentation and review for all staff members on the above.

Equally important, particularly when transitioning from one AMC to another, is to have a transition plan from the AMC or individual you are leaving. It is important to consider the following:

  • Set specific details, deadlines and final payment terms associated with the transition in your Agreement.
  • Consider having an independent account firm perform a review or audit of your financial statements as of the date of termination.
  • Review any contracts with outside vendors to ensure any further obligation by the outgoing AMC is eliminated.
  • Ensure you have all usernames and passwords needed to access association website, domain name, email, databases, social media accounts etc…

This is just a sample of some of the things your association should consider for a transition. 

If you would like more information on McPherson Management Ltd. or would like to submit a request for proposal to us, please contact:

Greg McPherson


McPherson Management Ltd.



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