Conference Management

An Overview

Convention:  The act of summoning an assembly.

By definition, it sounds simple enough. By implication, it isn’t.

Convention planning is an enormous task, so much more than just menus and venues. The work begins months, even years, before the event and continues on until well after the last delegate has packed up and gone home. In the context of annual assemblies, it is not uncommon for organizations to be in a constant state of convention planning.

The first thing to determine – and this often involves years of forethought – is location. How far will your delegates be prepared to travel? This applies equally to inter-city meetings and international events. A challenge in itself, selecting a venue is merely the tip of the iceberg. What looms under the surface is something so large it can be overwhelming…

  • There are hotels to bargain with and rooms to block, meals to plan and banquets to host. There are cash bars and hospitality suites to book and spousal programs to organize.
  • There are agendas to set and speakers to persuade. There are airlines to phone and delegates to advise. There are resolutions to draft, constitutions and bylaws to amend. There are logos to design and materials to write and publish.
  • There are speakers’ notes to photocopy/collate/staple, delegate lists to compile, badges to order and kit folders to stuff.
  • There is pre-registration, registration, and late registration. There are cheques to cash and bills to pay.
  • There are microphones, LCD projectors, and overhead projectors to secure, computers and printers to rent, and simultaneous translation to provide.
  • There are offices to move, convention headquarters to establish and last-minute executive meetings to schedule.

And after it all, there are post-mortems, repacking, moving, unpacking, sorting, filing, junking and recycling. There are more bills to pay, conference proceedings to write and publish, and of course…there is the next convention to consider.

That’s why McPherson Management Ltd. has created our exclusive convention and meeting planning service.

We know what has to be done and we know how to do it.

Through a network of reliable connections with hotels, travel agencies, airlines and tourist bureaus, McPherson Management Ltd. will take care of the details, working within your budget and taking the opportunity to promote and consolidate your organization. Armed with superb contacts, extensive experience, state-of-the-art software, and a thorough knowledge of the philosophies, goals and objectives that underpin and drive your organization, McPherson Management Ltd. has the necessary expertise to successfully plan and execute your next convention, meeting, luncheon or seminar.

Before you start worrying about your next assembly, call the planning experts at McPherson Management Ltd. We will make sure your convention planning experience is painless; your convention, flawless.

McPherson Management Ltd.:  The choice for service and support.


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