Request for Proposals (RFPs)

If your organization is considering outsourcing its conference, seminars, events, and other meetings, an event management proposal will enable you to make an informed and reliable decision about the future management and support for your organization’s events. 


A proposal should include the following information about the firm:


  • Company history and basic information on the firm.
  • Description of offices and equipment
  • Outline of services and deliverables
  • Information on the management team and key service providers
  • List of current and past clients
  • Client references
  • Proposed management fees and management fee structure


Developing your Request for Proposal:  What information does McPherson Management need to know about your organization and its conference or events? 


In order McPherson Management Ltd. to provide your organization with a detailed proposal to manage its event, it will need to learn a little more about the purpose of your organization and the event you are planning. It should be noted that all information provided to McPherson Management Ltd. for the proposal will be kept strictly confidential and returned to you upon finishing the proposal.  Our proposal should also be treated confidentially and shared only with the committee or person’s mandated with the selection process/decision.


The following information will be required to produce a complete proposal:


General Information


  • Name of organization
  • Primary contact of organization
  • Industry or profession served
  • Geographic scope of organization (international, national, provincial / state, regional, local)
  • Chapters and affiliates (Is your organization a national group with chapters, or a chapter of a national group?)
  • History


    Understanding the Requirements
  • What events or conferences are you looking to outsource?
  • Why is the organization looking to outsource its conferences and other meetings?
  • What are the current concerns and problems the organization has with its events?
  • Are there services or programs that are not currently provided by the organization that the organization would like to provide for its next event?
  • Is there a special need or service the organization provides or would like to provide?
  • What are the immediate and future plans for the organization and its event?
  • How does the organization typically communicate its events with potential delegates?
  • When is the event held?
  • Where is the event held?
  • How often is the event held?
  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • What are the goals and objectives of the event?
  • Who is the target audience for the event?
  • How many people typically attend the event?
  • What is the size of your events budget?  If you have a budget for the event, please provide us with a copy.
  • What fees are charged for the event?
  • Does the organization look for sponsorship and advertisers for the event?
  • What event management services is your organization looking for?  Please list and describe.
  • Is there a trade show associated with the event?  If so, how many exhibitors?  What is the exhibitor fee?
  • Please provide examples of past event announcements, programs, agendas, etc…
  • Does the organization have a website or a conference website?  If so, what is the website address?
  • Who maintains the website?

If you would like more information on McPherson Management Ltd. or would like to submit a request for proposal to us, please contact:

Greg McPherson


McPherson Management Ltd.




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