What is an AMC?

Association Management Companies (AMCs) are used all over the world by business, trade, service, and professional associations and societies of all membership and budget sizes. They are independent business organizations providing expert management services to associations and organizations. AMCs provide associations with a home and a place of business where all activities of the association are coordinated and managed in a cost-effective manner.

An AMC enables associations to take advantage of cost savings and technological advancements due to its economies of scale.

An AMC is made up of a team of professionals who are able to learn quickly, communicate effectively, and who can take charge in various situations and areas within the associations they manage. While fulfilling the basic administrative tasks of an association, association management professionals can also help plan, develop and implement key policies and directions for associations to take. These professionals are often seen as playing a crucial and pivotal role within the associations they manage - for example, providing continuity when association volunteer boards change. AMCs can provide much more than basic administrative and secretarial support; they can help your association grow to become an effective and efficient organization able to deliver and fulfill its mission.


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